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Published on October 29, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet WallBrand

WallBrand is the first Social Network dedicated to Shopping. WallBrand aims to build a Social Shopping Community.
Built on an Instagram model but designed to provide the tools for companies to both show a customised presentation of their brand and to sell their products through a Social Shopping platfrom.

Boston, USA

Why WallBrand?

The easiest way to sell online

WallBrand creates a direct link between brands and users and can make any product go viral. Brands can set up their own store in few minutes for free and are ready to sell directly into WallBrand App.

All your favorite brands together in one shopping app

WallBrand is really fun, it was built in order to create an important customer engagement that brands can take advantage of.

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Users will have all their favorite brands into a single app, receiving updates from them and will be able to shop instantly with the swipe of a finger.


Jean-Pascal Fillard: Founder & CEO

Jean-Pascal Fillard






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