Torch – A simple router for digital parenting

Published on October 29, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet Torch

Torch is a smart, wifi router that offers parents digital peace of mind as their kids explore the internet.

Tennessee, USA

Why Torch?

When you take away a parent’s need to worry about kids on the internet, something amazing happens. Kids get the freedom to question and find what they want to know. And that sense of curiosity stays on long after the computer is turned off. That’s why we made Torch. So kids, and their parents, can discover more than they ever thought possible. We’re taking the stress out of the internet and integrating parenting values into families’ digital habits.

Simple and Easy Interface

Most people have never logged into their router to understand just how convoluted it is. And trying to configure parental controls on top of that adds another level of confusion. When we thought about designing our user interface for families, we knew it had to be simple and intuitive. The way parents navigate Torch is almost effortless, so that moms and dads everywhere can easily take control of their internet.  And it’s easily controlled from our mobile app, so parents can pause the internet with two clicks on their phone.

State-of-the-Art Technology


Shelley Prevost: Founder & CEO

Shelley Prevost

Jack Studer: Co-founder & COO

Jack Studer

Wayne Fullam: Co-founder & CXO

Wayne Fullam







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