Robo Wunderkind – A robot anyone can build

Published on October 29, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet Robo Wunderkind

A robotics and coding kit for kids of all ages. Build, code, play, create the future!

Robo Wunderkind allows you to build your own robot, have fun, and pick up basic coding skills along the way. Just. like. that.

Rebuild your robot easily

San Francisco, USA

Why Robo Wunderkind?

Programming is the future! Robo is a modular and programmable robot set to revolutionize the way children learn robotics and coding. Easy to use for even 5yo, Robo apps will guide the children as they build, and suggest possible designs while also instructing them about the capabilities of each smart block they use. Once they’ve built a robot, kids can then learn to program it using intuitive commands in Robo’s app.

Educational: Robo lets kids build and learn to program their robots

Intuitive: Real-time guidance from the IOS and Android apps

Fun: kids learn by playing!

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Rustem Akishbekov: Founder & CEO

Rustem Akishbekov

Anna Iarotska: Co-founder & COO

Anna Iarotska







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