Peter Doe – Digital Project Manager

Published on October 13, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet Peter Doe

In his current role as digital project manager Peter manages the development of web applications and websites from concept to launch. Focusing on digital presence, social media and the overall strategic goal. This entails the understanding and integration of the optimal user experience, making sure that client expectations and deliverables are managed and met, but also overseeing that hours spent do not exceed hours sold. Peter has a keen focus on SEO and always makes sure that KPI’s are clearly defined from the start of a project and are integrated into the concept and UX of the final application. Peter has extensive experience with project reporting and resource planning and he’s constantly looking for new ways to optimize the development process.

As a project manager Peter always approaches a new project with curiosity and enthusiasm. Apart from app development, he also has experience in video production, Social “War Rooms” and content marketing.

Copenhaegen, Denmark






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