Milk Nanny – Smart Home Formula Milk Maker

Published on October 8, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet Milk Nanny

Milk Nanny is a smart home appliance that makes great tasting, fresh, warm baby formula milk in seconds.

Las Vegas, NV

The world’s first fully-automatic smart formula milk making machine is finally available! The Milk Nanny is far superior to other milk-making machines on the market – it’s self-cleaning, aesthetically pleasing, produces smooth milk (no clumps), and is safe even for older children to operate. We’ve revolutionized the baby bottle milk making process forever. Milk Nanny is the very first smart home appliance that consistently produces ultra-clean, comfortably warm formula for your baby in just 15 seconds. It’s also the first formula milk maker that can be remotely controlled with a mobile phone.

Why Milk Nanny?

Milk Nanny is the Gold Standard of formula milk makers. It’s the smartest way to make formula for your baby.

A new father designed the Milk Nanny from the heart, keeping busy parents in mind.

  • Scientific Mixing Technology: Mixes formula powder and water to a fresh milk consistency without any clumping
  • Temperature Control: Heats water to 100 Celcius, then cools the water to a comfortable water temperature for feeding your baby
  • Airtight Formula Storage Tank: Holds enough to make twelve 8-ounce bottles
  • Adjustable Bottle Tray: Accommodates most any bottle size
  • Removable Water Tank: Easy to fill and clean
  • Works with nearly all formula brands and types
  • Scientifically Designed: Produces healthy formula milk (Viscosity and texture of formula milk is similar to that of breast milk)
  • Cool Blue Breathing Lights: Provides a comfortable environment for your baby to help with their sleeping while acting as a night light for mommy and daddy.

What sets the Milk Nanny apart from similar products is its unique anti-clumping technology (patent pending).

One-Touch Control – no measuring, no mixing, no worries!

Press the start button either on the machine or on the Milk Nanny app, wait 15 seconds, and fresh formula is made.

Safe, Clean, and Convenient

Self-Cleaning: Milk Nanny cleans itself after every use with hot water. This includes the water tank, mixing tubes and the dispenser.

  • Disinfection: DUV technology keeps the internal and external components safe from viruses and germs.
  • Removable Components: They can be removed and cleaned by hand whenever you want.
  • Hi-Quality Construction: Made with 100% baby bottle grade Tritan material.
  • Scientific Mixing Technology: Mixes formula powder and water to a fresh consistency without any clumping…Ever!

You’ll find using Milk Nanny so easy, you’ll never want to boil water again to make formula milk for your hungry baby. It’s so simple and safe to use that even a young child can make formula for their infant sibling.

Operating Milk Nanny with your mobile phone is easy, fast, and fun.

Clean, fresh formula milk conveniently and consistently every time.






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