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Published on October 13, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet Matthew Epstein

“Hello Google. My name is Matthew Epstein. I want to join your product marketing team, bad.”

The Top 10 Reasons Google Should Hire Me

Top 10 Reasons Google Should Hire Me Matthew Epstein

David Letterman Style.

I have a mustache.

You can always trust a man with a mustache. Did I mention I have a mustache? I do.

I invested over $3,000 of my own capital to create a marketing campaign that would get you to notice me. I haven’t been that desperate to get someone to notice me since my first high school crush.

I more or less already work for Google. I spend hours every day working in Google Chrome, Google Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Google Places, Google YouTube and more.

Just like Google I do no evil. Well, except on the weekends.

I look good in a suit.

I work well in teams, I can communicate across departments to meet objectives and I pay attention to detail.

Technology is my best friend. In full disclosure though, I have no friends…so technology kind of won by default.

I really can’t stress enough that you should hire me solely on the fact that I have a mustache, regardless of whether or not it’s real.

This isn’t for the LOLs. I’m actually in this to win it. I have offline and online marketing experience and an obsessive desire to create winning go-to-market strategies. I believe my proven career record, my passion for marketing and my obsession with technology can bring significant value to the Google team.





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