Makerarm – The robotic arm that makes anything, anywhere

Published on October 7, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet Makerarm

A complete personal fabrication system packed into a single,
beautifully designed robotic arm that mounts on your desktop. Makerarm
features interchangeable heads for countless applications such as
3D printing, plotting, milling, laser engraving, electronics
assembly and more. That way you can make more, for less.

Austin, TX

Makerarm is multi-purpose

Makerarm works with interchangeable heads for countless applications.

It 3D prints: Makerarm is not confined to a box and can 3D print with both filament and resin.

It carves and mills: Makerarm includes high-speed desktop milling (light duty) and carving. You can mill on a variety of materials including plastics, wood, and soft metals right on your desktop. You can even hook up heavy duty flex shaft tools such as the Dremel Fortiflex to Makerarm for power-carving, grinding, or shaping applications (with speeds up to 23,000 RPM!).

It laser engraves: Makerarm’s high power 500mW laser head (405nm) engraves and etches on plastics, wood, leather, cardboard, and more.

It picks and places: Choose from vacuum pump coupled suction cups, electromagnetic heads, or grippers to carry out pick and place operations.

It assembles: With the assembly heads, you can automatically place and fasten screws, carry out gluing, and perform pick and place functions.

It’s a PCB fab: PCB milling, drilling, solder-paste dispensing, pick and place assembly (PCBA), and automated soldering take the hassle out of prototyping.

You can also add custom tool heads: A special hardware development kit (HDK) will allow owners to create their own custom tool heads for an unlimited number of projects!


“Makerarm is a robotic 3D printer, laser cutter, drawing and ink printer, fabricator and assembly machine all rolled into one that fits on a desktop and promises to make pretty much anything.” TechCrunch

“Makerarm wants to 3D print, plot, and carve its way into your heart.” Engadget

“Makerarm is a slender fabrication system that attaches right to your desk.” Uncrate

You can make more, for less.” Beta List

“Check out a new robot that can 3D print, mill, assemble electronics and even ice a cake.” Fortune

“Altogether, this makes the Makerarm one of the most flexible and capable desktop hybrid machine yet designed.” 3D Printing Industry

“Perhaps the best part is all of this can be done right on your desk.” Robotics Trends


Zaib Husain holds a Bachelors in Finance from UT Austin and a Masters from London University. She has previously worked for Dun & Bradstreet and now advises private clients and emerging companies on startup financing.

Azam Shahani is a skilled engineer and avid maker. With a Bachelors in Computer Engineering, Azam loves to tinker with robotics and digital fabrication technologies.


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