Colin Garcia – Digital Sales & Marketing Executive

Published on October 13, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet Colin Garcia

Graduate of International Business Management who has the right skills, experiences, knowledge, and desire to be an effective Project, Operations, and Marketing manager; has international experience and knowledge brought about by studying and working in various cities in Asia, the Middle East, and the UK; has expert business research, analysis, and strategy skills; has practical knowledge of managing websites and writing articles.

London, UK

Why Colin Garcia?

Skills and Knowledge: Expert Oral and Written Communication Skills in English – Writes articles regarding various business-related matters and posting them on LinkedIn – Excellent skills in conducting presentations to huge audiences and clients, having experienced preparing and conducting marketing and tourism presentations in various events in the UAE Excellent Business Analysis Skills – Very passionate towards updating knowledge and insights on current International Business trends and issues, and in various sectors – Can demonstrate expert knowledge in applying research and analysis frameworks to effectively formulate and execute business strategies and decisions

Hobbies and interests

– Recreational Basketball and Tennis player

– Vinyl Records Collector and Beginner Saxophonist

– Attending Business and Social Networking events to increase business contacts and explore new learning opportunities





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