BlueCheck – User Verification API for Developers

Published on October 10, 2015 by Lorens Olivares

Meet BlueCheck

User Verification API for Developers.

BlueCheck makes it easy to remove bots and anti-social users.

New York, US

Why BlueCheck?

Reduce Moderation Costs

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The BlueCheck API stops bot and duplicate accounts from being created. It also assigns each user a unique key, which prevents them from coming back if they have been removed.

Implement In Under 3 Hours

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Our modern APIs are simple to get up and running. Zero wasted time on implementation and instant user verification. We’re also around 24/7 to troubleshoot or answer questions.

BlueCheck Blends Right In

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Verify users directly on your website without making them leave for another webpage. BlueCheck integrates seamlessly and offers complete control over the look and feel.




Alex Zeig: Founder at BlueCheck

Alex grew up in rural Minnesota and attended Hamilton College, where he started VEH Solutions – which went on to raise close to $1mm in funding, and be a finalist in Forbes Most Promising Companies 2013. In early 2015, the company was taken over by a Synergistic corporation.

In March of 2015, Alex started BlueCheck, which focuses on providing identity management and verification solutions for websites. Since focusing explicitly on BlueCheck, Alex has grown it to over a profitable SaaS tech startup that is growing month over month.

Alex has been recognized as a Young Leader by multiple organizations in various industries from technology to healthcare. He sits on the authoring committee for multiple tele-health guidelines and has been asked to present on various technology and healthcare topics. He is open to discussing challenges and opportunities within the healthcare technology intersection, and has been vocal on best practices and implementation guidelines.


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